The brand Leziff®

The brand Leziff®, founded in 2016, emerged from the vision of a group of talented young people determined to introduce an innovative line of sunglasses to the global market. Their ambition has turned into reality, inspired by the influence of different international cultures and changing trends in contemporary fashion.

Our team of highly qualified experts in various fields is unceasingly dedicated to analyzing the latest developments in the sunglasses industry. We constantly engage in research and development of new styles, innovative shapes, fine materials and vibrant color shades in order to create increasingly original and sophisticated designs.

Our glasses are handcrafted from carefully selected materials, including acetate, aluminum and metal, and are equipped with certified CR39 lenses that offer UV400 protection. This focus on quality not only ensures the excellence of the finished product but also demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Leziff aims to provide sunglasses that are not only of high quality and unique design, but are also accessible to a wide audience. With this vision, we aim to expand further internationally, consolidating and expanding our presence in global markets.


These principles represent the essence of the experience Leziff aims to offer its customers. Each touch point is designed to establish a lasting connection, turning each new buyer into a loyal promoter of our brand.

Our vision goes beyond simply creating sunglasses. We aim to transform each individual's aesthetic vision, offering accessories that not only protect and enhance vision, but also express personality and style. Our designers work closely with fashion and technology experts to anticipate and shape future trends, ensuring that each collection is cutting edge.

Leziff Sunglasses

Since its debut in 2016, Leziff® it has quickly established itself as a pioneering brand in the world of sunglass fashion, combining cutting-edge designs with superlative functionality. Each piece in our collection reflects an unwavering commitment to innovation and creativity, fueled by the passion of our founders and the dedication of our team.

Sustainability and Ethics At Leziff®, we firmly believe in sustainability and ethical responsibility as pillars of our production. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through responsible sourcing practices and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Our promise is to create products that customers can wear with pride, knowing that they were made with respect for people and the planet.

A Bright Future Looking to the future, Leziff® is committed to expanding its influence in the sunglass industry by introducing new technologies and materials that further elevate standards of comfort and protection. Our goal is to become a global benchmark for those seeking sunglasses that are synonymous with quality, style and innovation.

Join us on this visual journey and discover why Leziff® is the preferred choice for those who want to stand out with elegance and awareness.

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